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Our consultation phase goes way beyond a few quick questions. We plunge into every detail of your business and come away with a deep understanding of your competitors, target audiences, and all organizational and marketing strategies. The Consult Phase may include:

Stakeholder depth interviews

We interview the key stakeholders in your business to uncover the vision and passions of the driving forces behind your business.

Customer depth interviews

We consult with your customers to glean the most honest information possible about how your business is perceived. The insights we uncover will lay the foundation for your brand and marketing development.

Market + Desk Research

We dig deep into your existing data to have an even deeper understanding of your business and review the existing data, such as previous marketing plans, market data, and sales reports.

Creating brand strategy - Building the Four Pillars of your brand

A brand strategy is the extension of your business strategy and used to influence your marketing strategy From the combined efforts of the previous phases we review the information gathered and present a formalized and powerful brand strategy. This is a springboard for all of your future marketing efforts.



Designing Your Brand

Identity + Content Creation

In this phase we’ll build a solid visual identity to showcase your brand strategy. Each phase is built upon the next to create intentional, meaningful and effective design.

Brand Architecture

Brand architecture is the way you manage, organize and present your brand to your target audiences. Brand architecture is the way you organize, manage and go to market with your brands. It defines how the relationship and story of your brand is presented. This may include corporate, divisional, product and service level. We’ll present you with a clear brand architecture framework and strategy – for your current brands, as well as any new brands you may create or acquire in the future.

Brand Identity and Logo

A brand is so much more than a pretty design. It’s an identity. Great brand design is born from great insights and understanding – but comes to fruition through imagination and creative talent. To allow this process to unfold, We are able to see and connect the brand strategy to the Identity. We translate brand insights into thoughtful, distinctive and compelling logos that reflect each brand’s essence & belief. A look and feel is a system of recognizable elements including primary and secondary color palettes, design devices, fonts, photographic or image style and iconography. Nouvs can create a brand new logo and visual identity for you, evolve your current logo or refine and build out your current look and feel.

Brand Naming and Tagline

It is said that 90% of all purchasing decisions are made subconsciously – making it vital for your company to use a brand name that evokes emotion– so it’s critical to get it right. Your brand name needs to capture who you are in a word or phrase. It’s critical to get it right, so we’ll work with you to come up with something imaginative and effective.

Brand Story, Tone and Key Messaging

A good brand tells a good story. Whether you’re giving your elevator pitch or need content for your website, all communication coming from your brand needs to be clear, consistent, and reflect your brand’s personality. These are very useful tools for your stakeholders, to ensure everyone has the same understanding, and can consistently speak about your organization.
We can also define your brand’s tone of voice in alignment with its brand positioning, and develop a set of key messages against each of your audiences.



Marketing Consulting + Brand Coaching

Living the brand and beyond

A new brand is like a whole new personality for your organization, so it can be hard to get used to. We’re here to help you use your brand to its fullest potential.

Brand Growth Strategy

After working with you closely in the previous stages, Novus will know you and your brand to the deepest level. This allows us to execute the effective communication strategies for your marketing. We’ll have tasks for you to keep doing after the branding process that will keep you on track without making you feel overwhelmed.

Brand Management, Maintenance & Metrics

We help you manage your brand effectively over the long term by implementing brand programs to engage employees and customers, measuring your brand’s performance, and increasing internal and external brand awareness.


Through brand evaluation and tracking programs, we’ll help you benchmark your brand’s performance and make sure it’s making the impact you need.

Marketing & Advertising

Website Strategy, Design + Development
Video direction and production
Office Design

Internal Campaign
Media Kits
Annual Reports
Communication style guide
Social Media Design and Campaigns

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Life Changing Experince

“She helped redefine my core values as a leader. Before working with Michelle my team and I were not always consistent in how we represented ourselves and how we communicated with our patients and referral partners. After going through the strategic brand process and workshops we are much more cohesive with what we want patients, referring doctors and the general public to know about us. Now as a team we are all on the same page and loving our new practice environment. We are building a brand with Michelle’s help that is authentic and honest to our core and vision. “

Dr. Mary Ann Lester
Owner of Perio Health Partners


“Working with Michelle to build our brand foundation enabled us to construct a better focused and cohesive marketing plan. We have seen a measurable increase in our revenues owing to these improvements. Understanding our brand has also made me a better leader as we continually shape the way we speak to our customers and about our business.”

Penelope Pankow
Proprietor of F.Olivers

Clarified Our Brand

“Michelle worked with our team to help us create a new brand strategy, design and web presence. What Michelle designed for us went above and beyond. Working with her was a gift. We now have a clear voice, a beautiful message and a stunning platform to launch our business into the next chapter”

Bob Rosenfeld
CEO of Idea Connection Systems, Inc.


“Working with Michelle on rebranding our company has made us look like the true technology leaders we are.”

Sharon Lechon

“I hired Michelle to help me bring my brand to life. She blew me away with the results of her brand research. In short, she “nailed it”. Having worked at a big agency, I found Novus – Be Known, Inc. to be a personalized boutique-style agency with big agency results! “

Lisa Evans
CEO of Uncharted

Position and Identity

“Michelle offers a fantastic Branding service and she really helped us develop our brand along with a complete brand growth strategy! Michelle has a unique ability to identify what companies can do to be KNOWN!”

Mark Johnson
CEO of Techsnobs, LLC