10 Brand-Building Truths for Healthcare

10 Brand-Building Truths for Healthcare


There are 10 Brand-building Truths for Healthcare that you might need to know before committing to the branding or rebranding process. When it comes to building a strong #brand from the inside out of your health system or center, there’s no quick fix and it’s going to take more than a simple name change to alter the perceptions, build loyalty and retain or attach the best talent; it takes time, energy and resources.


As a Healthcare Marketing Consultant and advisor, I’m hired to break down step by step how to not only build your positioning and messaging but find gaps through deep, in-depth research and build an ecosystem to embed your UVP, messaging, and internal-facing communication into all that you from front lines to the total brand experience you’re providing for your patients. I am transparent with my clients about what it’s going to take to accomplish: it is no small task.

While it’s easy to equate a successful brand with how an organization looks, we’re talking about more than that. Branding is intangible and It’s about how the health system or center, caregivers, and team members act and what it says, and can quite literally change perceptions with every single patient interaction. With this process, we’re reimagining the entire organization, from messaging to #positioning, and incorporating internal employee alignment or otherwise known as Employer Branding.

There are many misconceptions about what it will take to create a fully functioning brand machine. Strategy is necessary, as is full #employeeengagement. To help prepare, here are 10 truths about building the ultimate brand machine within any organization.

  1. Brand-Building isn’t easy.


It’s not for the faint of heart. Consider a company we all know: Apple. The Apple brand wasn’t built overnight. It is difficult, deliberate work done diligently, every single day. They’ve stayed true to their one big idea of “Thinking Different” They’ve built entire campaigns around the idea and put timeliness hours into embedding it into their DNA. Here’s a short clip that illustrates how they developed one of their most famous campaigns.


  1. Brand-building takes commitment.


Taking this on doesn’t mean we simply create a fun message. Instead, a full brand effort changes the current norm of an organization; it’s all about committing to doing business differently. It’s committing to a long-term vision and doing whatever it takes to get there.


  1. Brand-building requires internal alignment.


As hinted in #2, the development of a brand platform requires a full team effort. Members must work together to reflect, decide on goals, and move forward together. The Strategic process is built to bring your team together, so we’re all headed in the same direction and telling the same story.


  1. Brand-Building requires setting KPIs.

Setting tangible goals include tracking the brand success such as revenue goals, website traffic focused on providers pages within the system or center to average patient value, loyalty and retention, even cross-promotion referral rates.



  1. You’re in it for the long haul.


You aren’t building a full brand for a week’s worth of work. Not only are you building, but you are also maintaining it long-term – think years or even decades. There’s a large amount of management and maintenance that is required in order to see the return on your investments.


  1. Branding can feel tiring.


Consistent branding may feel like overkill and, yes, you may even get sick of hearing your own motto. That said, it will take time for your messaging to stick in the minds of your customers, so be patient.


  1. The process requires a leap of faith.


Success isn’t guaranteed, even with a strong brand. Consistency and cohesion, though, can help you work toward the best possible outcome and build an organization that outperforms others solely based on the brand alone.


  1. Strong leadership is a must.


It takes people to love the brand and live the values for everyone else to want to join in. It takes empowering your team to rise and become a brand ambassador. Having strong examples shows how others can aspire to act accordingly and embrace the brand values and platform.


  1. You have to be flexible.


Adapting your brand is part of the process, and willingness to try new things, alter old ones, and evolve is key to forward motion and consistent brand-building.


  1. Expect expenditures.


The process may require outside costs, such as revamping a website, rebranding nametags, or installing new signage.


As a Healthcare Marketing Consultant, I work alongside you and your leadership to further build a brand your patients will love. The path from a misguided brand positioning and messaging to increased customer retention to notable growths in profit depends on the message you are sending to your patients. Defining a recognizable and steady brand is no easy feat, but the benefits it can have on your business are tangible – and so worth it.


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