Let's build a well-oiled marketing machine.

As many Healthcare + Wellness companies drive growth, hiring an experienced executive makes sense.

But what if you can’t afford a full-time CMO, which can cost $150,000 to $200,000, as well as benefits and stock options? What if you’re not sure you need a CMO, or there’s not enough work for a F/T position? That’s when hiring a fractional CMO is the right move.

For small to medium-sized businesses, a fractional CMO is a cost-effective resource that can tackle branding, strategy, customer acquisition, content marketing, and team building. If your marketing isn’t working or there’s no marketing happening, a fractional CMO can help to determine how to move forward in the right way.

The CMO for Hire Difference


Save Time

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an organization, understanding your brand gives you the advantage of setting up your business the right way the first time around, ultimately saving you time in the long run.

I'm your true support partner

I am your true support partner because we believe coming together creates powerful individuals. That’s why in everything I do we strive for AUTHENTIC RELATIONSHIPS. With my whole heart, I give you our unwavering commitment, relentless support, and undying loyalty.

Save Cost

With a clear brand strategy in place, you’ll make smarter marketing decisions that will attract the right customers who will come back time and time again.

Striving for Excellence

Mediocre isn't in my vocabulary. Getting things done on time with the highest quality requires a true commitment to your business.

A Fractional CMO Can Deliver:


Holistic Strategy



“Imagine a world where organizations & employees can easily live their full potential.”

A world where belief not only inspires but guides action. For me as well as others, branding is a springboard helping me realize and live my full potential.” I am an advocate for empowering women business owners and serving the community. I sit on various committees and serve non-profits to better help our community.

– Michelle Roberts, President of Novus – Be Known, Inc.

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Communication Workshop - Living The Brand

What Problem Can I Help You With

our name and story

Novus is Latin for “New, Fresh, a new start,” - which is what Michelle did when she started Novus in 2012.
She gave herself this gift, and begin to do it for others, whether it was a rebrand or a new brand. She helps others tell their story.

Sacred Life Ayurveda

Branding and Design
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Healthy Baby Network

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Coughlin Counseling

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Mindful Practice in Medicine at University of Rochester Medical Center

Fractional CMO
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Excellent Care, LLC

Fractional CMO
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Perio Health Partners

Fractional CMO
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My Choice

Branding and Design
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Woodland Essence

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kind words


Life Changing Experince

“She helped redefine my core values as a leader. Before working with Michelle my team and I were not always consistent in how we represented ourselves and how we communicated with our patients and referral partners. After going through the strategic brand process and workshops we are much more cohesive with what we want patients, referring doctors and the general public to know about us. Now as a team we are all on the same page and loving our new practice environment. We are building a brand with Michelle’s help that is authentic and honest to our core and vision. “

Dr. Mary Ann Lester
Owner of Perio Health Partners


“Working with Michelle to build our brand foundation enabled us to construct a better focused and cohesive marketing plan. We have seen a measurable increase in our revenues owing to these improvements. Understanding our brand has also made me a better leader as we continually shape the way we speak to our customers and about our business.”

Penelope Pankow
Proprietor of F.Olivers

Clarified Our Brand

“Michelle worked with our team to help us create a new brand strategy, design and web presence. What Michelle designed for us went above and beyond. Working with her was a gift. We now have a clear voice, a beautiful message and a stunning platform to launch our business into the next chapter”

Bob Rosenfeld
CEO of Idea Connection Systems, Inc.


“Working with Michelle on rebranding our company has made us look like the true technology leaders we are.”

Sharon Lechon

“I hired Michelle to help me bring my brand to life. She blew me away with the results of her brand research. In short, she “nailed it”. Having worked at a big agency, I found Novus – Be Known, Inc. to be a personalized boutique-style agency with big agency results! “

Lisa Evans
CEO of Uncharted

Position and Identity

“Michelle offers a fantastic Branding service and she really helped us develop our brand along with a complete brand growth strategy! Michelle has a unique ability to identify what companies can do to be KNOWN!”

Mark Johnson
CEO of Techsnobs, LLC

“Michelle is always available, resourceful, energic, outcome-oriented, and, from the start, she has personally committed to our long-term success. She helped us build a robust marketing program that has already paid off only after a few months and will serve us well for years to come.”

Ron Epstein & Mick Krasner
Co-Directors of the Mindful Practice in Medicine at URMC