The opportunity:

Healthy Baby Network (HBN) is a non-profit organization based out of Rochester, New York whose mission is to “give babies a healthy start in life through data, health planning, and  creating social support for mothers.”

Healthy Baby Network, formerly known as The Perinatal Network of Monroe County, was at a crossroads. Their brand identity and name no longer reflected their work and their value. Their provided marketing efforts were ineffective. HBN sought out Novus to help reposition the organization in order to provide clarity of programs and services.


Brand Strategy + Messaging
Company Naming + Tagline
Brand Identity
Fonts + Color Palette
Photography Direction + Style
Website design + Development
2015 -2018 Digital Reports

The Results:

  • Increased in brand awareness
  • Increased external + internal communication efficiency and flow by 70%
  • Increased in brand recognition
  • 15% increased of visibility on website in first month

“Michelle guided us through a top to bottom rebrand. I don’t know what we would have done without her. Her work is smart, thoughtful and she really understood us as an agency, and where we needed to go with our brand – better than we did ourselves.”

“Michelle has helped us increase our brand communication efficiency by 70% and the biz impact?!—–> “It equips our new volunteers with the language and cultural humility to accurately represent us and ensures we never offend the people are helping.”

Lauren Deutsch, esq. Executive Director, of Healthy Baby Network