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“Your brand acts as a powerful tool to engage customers. It equips leaders with the tools to shape the way they do business every day. I believe true value is forged from your purpose, brands with a purpose don’t just transact with people; they deliver something more, an intangible element that becomes part of an ongoing relationship – an emotional connection.”

Michelle Roberts,
President of Novus – Be Known, Inc.

At Novus, I help evolving companies ignite purpose from the inside out so they can win the hearts of their customers based on value rather than price, boost internal morale and ultimately increase marketing efforts and sales.

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“Working with Michelle on rebranding our company has made us look like the true technology leaders we are.”

Sharon Lechon

“I hired Michelle to help me bring my brand to life. She blew me away with the results of her brand research. In short, she “nailed it”. Having worked at a big agency, I found Novus – Be Known, Inc. to be a personalized boutique-style agency with big agency results! “

Lisa Evans
CEO of Uncharted

Clarified Our Brand

“Michelle worked with our team to help us create a new brand strategy, design and web presence. What Michelle designed for us went above and beyond. Working with her was a gift. We now have a clear voice, a beautiful message and a stunning platform to launch our business into the next chapter”

Bob Rosenfeld
CEO of Idea Connection Systems, Inc.

Position and Identity

“Michelle offers a fantastic Branding service and she really helped us develop our brand along with a complete brand growth strategy! Michelle has a unique ability to identify what companies can do to be KNOWN!”

Mark Johnson
CEO of Techsnobs, LLC


“Working with Michelle to build our brand foundation enabled us to construct a better focused and cohesive marketing plan. We have seen a measurable increase in our revenues owing to these improvements. Understanding our brand has also made me a better leader as we continually shape the way we speak to our customers and about our business.”

Penelope Pankow
Proprietor of F.Olivers