The Challenges

I (Michelle) began overseeing and managing MPIM at the University of Rochester Medical Center marketing in January 2021 on a part-time contract basis (as a fractional CMO role).

The organization needed a comprehensive marketing strategy that included business development strategies and someone to guide the decisions while overseeing all activities.

My job was to immediately bring focus, education, ramp up marketing efforts and build systems to create repeatable and predictable ways to grow the company.

I focused on:

  • Converting more people in current groups/segments
  • Increased effort to deepen the interest of the current customer members
  • Business Model focus “who we serve”, “what we offer” and established a hierarchy of focus (the funnel)

Our program goals were:

  • Make MPIM program invulnerable to competition through effective positioning and messaging
  • Generate more attendees and opportunities with a simple and cohesive marketing system
  • Develop lead tracking systems, strategies, and workflows to make more informed business decisions
  • Design a more profitable business model by evaluating an effective pricing strategy and marketing plan.

We accomplished:

  • Streamlined lead capture system and updated workflows to increase leads by 50% over the course of 3 months
  • Designed a more profitable business model by refining and evaluating a more effective pricing strategy and scope of offerings
  • Brought clarity, consistency, and more awareness through new positioning and messaging so that their value aligned with their new and existing offerings
  • Created targeted drip marketing campaigns to further nurture leads and convert from low-cost offers to high-value offer
  • Developed alternative focus areas, go to market strategies, and communication/messaging, to sell consulting programs to optimize business growth
  • Set up content marketing systems, processes, and strategies to bring cohesiveness leveraging the new positioning and identity


  • Added 105 new email subscribers to our newsletter over the duration of 6 months
  • Increased leads by 50% over the course of 3 months
  • Increased email marketing average open rate by 4.2%
  • Website Traffic Increase (pageviews) by average 565.6 per month



Brand Positioning Meetings + Advising

Business Modeling and focus

Developed pricing strategy for next 5 years +

Introduced new service /product

Improved program model

Branded new service/product

Creation of purpose statement, personality, and new offers

Logo Development Advising + Management

Tagline  + Purpose Statement Creation

Website site mapping and advising

Developed KPI’s for future business growth

Lead tracking sheets

Monthly marketing calendar

Blog and Podcast templates + systems

Recurring Marketing Tactics Planning sheet

Email marketing redesign and template creation

Drip campaign design and advising

Focus group and feedback summaries


“Working with Michelle Roberts and her comprehensive and resolute approach to marketing has opened my eyes to the power of conveying mission and purpose not only from a business but also from a personal perspective. In the process, I have become more direct and targeted toward what is important and meaningful and more sensitive to the importance of authenticity in how I express my passions. The biggest benefits have been the clarity that I was so looking for and a conviction in the future success of our enterprise.”

“Michelle is always available, resourceful, energic, outcome-oriented, and, from the start, she has personally committed to our long-term success. She helped us build a robust marketing program that has already paid off only after a few months and will serve us well for years to come.”

Ron and Mick - Co-directors of the Mindfulness Practice in Medicine at University of Rochester Medical Center