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Custom Engagements

Starting at US$5,000 per engagement

For projects outside my programs, I offer strategic and tactical guidance. It's initiatives like 360 brand audit, creating a personal brand LinkedIn presence, brand identity design, brand awareness campaigns, tagline, naming, brand architecture, product development, or facilitating internal communication plans and workshops.

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Scale-to-Grow Program

Starting at US$5,000 / mo

The Scale-to-Grow Program is for 1-2 location practices looking to scale up your brand and operations while remaining competitive, so you can expand to new locations, hire more providers and heal more people.

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New Patient Program

Starting at US$2,500 / mo

The New Patient Program is for doctors or physicians that are looking to become the provider of choice, find patients quickly and generate consistent results.

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Positioning Workshops

Starting at US$5,000/mo

Develop a clear and concise way for staff and partners to talk about what the practice stands for, how it is different and what it offers. Powerful positioning makes marketing effortless, helps customers see your service's value, and builds unbreakable authority in the marketplace.

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Strategy Calls

US$595 per call

If you have questions about where to take your marketing and how to get there or how to get your team or product performing as expected, let's connect and help you find clarity, ideas, and solutions.

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Patient Journey Mapping

Starting at US $9,500

Align and develop a more patient-first experience and become the go-to provider. Unify the underlying processes and systems needed to create the patient experience and enhance operational efficiencies and value delivered from technology investments

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