Scale-to-Grow Program

The Scale-to-Grow Program is for 1-2 location practices looking to scale up your brand and operations while remaining competitive, so you can expand to new locations, hire more providers and heal more people.

Scale your Brand and Operations Without Losing the Quality of Care.

You provide a service that far exceeds the average care and your patients are having the results they want. You have had massive growth with massive gains in a short amount of time however, the practice has started to plateau, and you feel stuck. The thought of opening more locations excites you as much as it overwhelms you.

You might even have multiple providers with their own “brand” and now the practice feels – misaligned and unclear. You might be thinking you need a unifying way to promote the practice. This program is designed to help you remain competitive while developing the systems and process to support it in order to open more locations to host your continued growth and create a larger presence.


Program Goals
  • Create a recognizable practice that will scale with you as your practice grows
  • Improve marketing systems and operations to drive consistent results for your practice
  • Create a brand to attract and retain top providers

We partner to:

  • Develop a clear and concise way for staff and partners to talk about what the practice stands for, how it is different and what it offers
  • Optimize a branded “patient-first” experience through
  • consistent messaging and tone
  • provider-to-patient communication tools
  • visual and educational materials
  • Develop a “provider-centric” roadmap for attracting and retaining top provider talent
  • Develop an aesthetically pleasing office environment using the 5-sense design framework, visual updates and a streamlined digital check-in process
  • Develop processes, scripts and internal communication standards for staff front offices and exam/treatment rooms to enhance the consumer experience
  • Unify the underlying processes and systems needed to create the consumer experience and enhance operational efficiencies and value delivered from technology investments
  • Improve performance through data-driven operational changes across your enterprise
  • Support patients and consumers in a personal, seamless way that makes communication consistent, enables self-service and prevents abandonment
  • Reap the rewards in terms of patient acquisition, retention and lifetime value
  • Find and establish new ways to convert patients through cross promotional campaigns and external marketing efforts
What You Get

You or one person from your team gets unlimited 24/7 access to me via email and bi-weekly office hours calls.

The program includes:

  • Strategic brand workshops and action plans
  • Competitive Frame of Reference Research and stakeholder interviews
  • Touchpoints Workshop and Coordinated Action Plan
  • Roadmap(s) for implementing and supporting action plans
  • Group coaching calls every other week to keep the momentum high
  • Bi-weekly assignments so you always know what to do next
  • A KPI dashboard to give you better visibility into your numbers
  • You can contact me any day or time with questions via email. I reply within 24 hours but usually more like 90 minutes during business hours.
How It Works
  • In the first month, I’ll perform a detailed discovery and audit of your marketing including developing your brand strategy, messaging, and more
  • Once completed, I’ll develop a working strategy document that will evolve with time including your branded logo and visual brand standards
  • From the basis of our strategy document, we’ll create a 6-month roadmap, define goals, determine KPIs, and allocate a budget to the work.
  • From there, we will systematically build out each area of your marketing in order of priority.
  • You may send proposals, work drafts, supplier reports, marketing materials, and designs for me to review for feedback when required.
  • You will have direct access to my network of marketing specialists when needed to help build your team. I never mark up anyone’s time nor take a commission.
  • You’ll receive a detailed monthly analytics report to help you understand your data and make better decisions with it.
  • Every six months, we’ll go through the process of analyzing what is working, re-creating a roadmap, and building out the plan for the next steps.
Pricing and Terms:

The Scale-to-grow Program is a six-month engagement.

For single location spaces, the investment is US$5,500 per month for nine months. For multi-location spaces, the investment is US$7,500 per month for nine months.

100% Money-Back Guarantee
If you’re unsatisfied for any reason after the first 30 days, I’ll refund my entire fee in full. After that, there are no refunds under any circumstances.


“After going through the strategic brand process and workshops our team is much more cohesive with what we want our patients, providers, and the general public to know about us. Now as a team we are all on the same page and loving our new practice environment. We are building a brand with Michelle’s help that is authentic and honest to our core and vision.”

– Dr. MaryAnn Lester, Owner of Perio Health Partners



Why Choose Me?
  • I have over a decade of brand marketing experience 10+ years in the healthcare and wellness industry.
  • I have a strong background in brand strategy, product design and development, marketing strategy, and creative art direction
  • You’ll get access to my personal network of trusted healthcare marketing specialists as needed to build your team.
  • I have been an entrepreneur for over 10+ years and understand the trials and tribulations of starting and growing a business.
  • I have ongoing experience managing the marketing of healthcare and wellness practices as a fractional CMO.