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3 marketing must’s that every business during the pandemic

Many of my clients are reaching out to me, asking what should we be doing? It’s a pretty loaded question so I wanted to give you 3 marketing must’s for every business to be doing. 1.    Communication is #1. No matter the size of your business, is the first thing you need to focus on is […]

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3 strategies for strengthening brands in uncertainty

From small businesses to large national brands. Many are focusing their team (and team’s families), their customers and maintaining our economy. Many are doing their part to help!

3 easy steps to create customer loyalty

It’s time, I need a new computer. I hate to even say that because it means I’ve finally come to terms with spending the money.
But here’s the thing about buying a new computer for me. It’s an easy decision. I don’t need to look up hundreds of them because I know I’m already getting

Internal Branding – Start from within!

Great branding starts within; within the organization, within our employees, within our leaders. A great brand is uncovered and begins and ends every day with your employees.

Branding vs Marketing II

Today I’m going to share with you the difference between the two to better equip you as business leaders to make smarter decisions when investing your dollars this coming year. How Marketing Works. Let’s imagine a guy walks into a bar, notices a beautiful lady, is interested in her and makes an attempt to get […]