Positioning Workshops

Develop a clear and concise way for staff and partners to talk about what the practice stands for, how it is different, and what it offers.

Powerful positioning makes marketing effortless, helps customers see your service’s value, and builds unbreakable authority in the marketplace.

Program Goals:

  • Become the most sought out provider
  • Gain internal alignment, clarity, and rally around one big idea to carry forth into the organization
  • Clarify and simplify your branding structure to increase flexibility for future brand extensions

We partner to:

  • Create a message that attracts the right patient
  • Develop brand voice and tone along with a guide to enforce those standards
  • Monitor and track your efforts with a customized KPI dashboard
  • Facilitate and gain internal alignment and external strategies

What You Get

  • Brand platform outlining all brand messaging and positioning
  • Competitive landscape review
  • Survey reports and findings
  • Brand Launch Recommendations

What if you could….

  • Align your team around one consistent thought and or idea
  • Make strong, focused decisions that propel you forward in your business
  • Be the industry leader for creating more good in the world while making a healthy profit
  • Have one powerful, consistent brand image that your company is confident about
  • Own a clear, differentiated, relevant, and compelling position in its market

The process:
Initial assessment of your situation during a private kick-off call

  • In-depth Assessment
  • Gather stakeholder perspective(s) 
  • Identify the competitive landscape
  • Dissect, Clarify and reDefine Positioning (as a team)
  • Converge winning thoughts and concepts
  • Deploy and Engage
  • Measure and Track

Pricing and Terms
The Positioning Workshops are a series of workshops designed and facilitated as a team. The workshops start at US$5,000/month with a minimum 3-month engagement. Monthly payments are due in advance.

100% Money-Back Guarantee
If you’re unsatisfied for any reason after the first 30 days, I’ll refund my entire fee in full. After that, there are no refunds under any circumstances.


“Working with Michelle to build our brand foundation enabled us to construct a better focused and cohesive marketing plan. We have seen a measurable increase in our revenues owing to these improvements. Understanding our brand has also made me a better leader as we continually shape the way we speak to our customers and about our business.”

-Pankow, Proprietor, F. Oliver’s


“After going through the strategic brand process and workshops our team is much more cohesive with what we want our patients, providers, and the general public to know about us. Now as a team we are all on the same page and loving our new practice environment. We are building a brand with Michelle’s help that is authentic and honest to our core and vision.”

– Dr. MaryAnn Lester, Owner of Perio Health Partners



Why Choose Me?

  • I have over a decade of brand marketing experience 10+ years in the healthcare and wellness industry.
  • I have a strong background in brand strategy, product design and development, marketing strategy, and creative art direction
  • You’ll get access to my personal network of trusted marketing specialists as needed to build your team.
  • I have been an entrepreneur for over 10+ years and understand the trials and tribulations of starting and growing a business.
  • I have ongoing experience managing the marketing of healthcare and wellness practices as a fractional CMO.