The Challenges

I (Michelle) began overseeing and managing Excellent Care, LLC marketing in January 2020 on a part-time contract basis (a fractional CMO role).

At the time, Excellent Care had a strong brand message and visual identity with plans to create a more predictable and scalable business without the unpredictable growth they experienced in the earlier stages of the business. They needed a way to gain market share as a leader without losing two main key drivers of customer loyalty – quality and personalization.

The company needed a comprehensive marketing strategy, the team to execute on it, and someone to guide the decisions while overseeing all activities.

My job was to immediately bring focus, ramp up marketing efforts and build systems to create repeatable and predictable ways to grow the company.

We started building an online presence, optimized the website and started building a plan and system to grow new relationships with key referral networks on LinkedIn and other platforms. I also brought in marketing specialists to ramp up marketing efforts. We hired a designer and pay-per-click specialist to help drive leads to the business to sustain growth.

We explored industry-specific software to automate and optimize processes and systems in both the customer-centric world as well as the referral networks.

As a result, we tripled the referral network in order to stabilize the business’s growth, grew website traffic by 30% (grew awareness) and reduced client acquisition cost by generating PCP Campaign at a 60% reduced cost per industry standard.

Strategy (9 months)

  1. Grow a referral network system & built a repeatable process to grow and sustain long-term relationships
  2. Grow brand awareness and visibility through building an online presence and LinkedIn outreach strategy
  3. Optimize business processes and systems



  1. Grow referral network system to sustain business long-term
    1. Developed, implemented, and oversaw referral partnership plan and strategy
    2. Developed Messaging & scripting for communication and sales strategy
  2. Grow brand awareness and visibility
    1. Developed online presence of CEO Personal brand and business
  3. Optimize business processes and systems
    1. Researched, advised, and implemented hardware and software to support business and CEO
    2. Developed SOP’s and Supporting Documents to manage new outreach & communications
    3. Established new tier pricing model to enhance revenue and profits amid Covid


  • Brand positioning & Visual Brand Design (2015)
  • Research & Insights
  • Tagline Creation (2015)
  • Marketing Plan & Management
  • Strategic Marketing Advising & Coaching
  • Updated and Optimized website
  • Social Media Planning, Creation & Management
  • LinkedIn profile optimization, positing
  • Managed Outreach Strategy & Tracking
  • GMB set up and optimization, posting
  • Designed; letterhead, brochure design, thank you card, stickers
  • Oversaw PCP campaigns and developed ad copy
  • Press release & written article with news publication; RBJ
  • Developed Annual Marketing Plan


  • Tripled referral partners in 3 weeks
  • Grew website traffic by 30%
  • Optimized website keyword rankings by 100%
  • Reduced client acquisition cost by generating PCP Campaign at a 60% reduced cost per industry standard

“I couldn’t imagine a better partner in helping me grow my business!”

T. Davis, President of Excellent Care, LLC.