5 non-negotiable branding tips you must do when creating your event

How many times have you ordered something online thinking it would just want you wanted but when it arrives it’s seriously lacking. Or you order something at a restaurant, like a big fat cheeseburger and you can taste that first time because it’s so damn good, but when you get it – it’s well very unsatisfying.

Marketing and naming your event works the same way. Say your event name is misleading people, you thought it would be cool to do something completely abstract and catchy. For example, instead of saying it’s a live event you say, experience or a happening, what does this tell you? Nothing – it’s very confusing the ordinary customer leading them to skip it, or worse think it’s not for them. This leads to zero sales and can result in low attendance.

How about another scenario – You name your event something like Empowerment Experience Resort Live Event. This is a way too long and way too abstract. People can only remember 2 words at the most! There needs to be one big idea distilled into your event name, not 2 or three. Think about what the result you are giving them – it can be emotional or tangible.

Keeping your event name to 1-2 words is crucial for people to remember your name, pronounce and easy to say. Tip: If someone has to shorten your event name to letters, it’s too long.

Take a look at Tony Robbins event names: Wealth & Life Mastery and Date with Destiny – victory is near. Those are POWERFUL! They are very clear and inspiring. They speak to the end result.

The only way to align your event name, title, and experience with your brand is first by understanding what your brand is! Distilling the info into what you’re all about (brand essence) what your marketing message is (brand belief) and your tone and personality (brand personality) and of course whom you are targeting.

Making sure your event name reflects your brand will increase clarity and consistency to your target audience making more people sign up for your event and more customers after you make your offer. Allowing you to give your customer exactly what they expected! It also allows you to build an experience around a core idea or theme, thus making it more memorable.

Remember, branding is about giving your customer a glimpse into what they will experience with you, it’s about giving them a set of expectations. It’s those expectations that determine whether or not they work with you.

If you are expecting to offer a high-level mastermind group or packages of high value – your banding better be ON-POINT, if you’re a financial advisor looking for multiple million dollar clients, you’re not going to host your event at the towns rec center! You’re going to rent out the nicest, upscale hotel and make it personal. If you don’t think this way, you’re going to have a very hard time getting people in the door and buying your high-level offers.

5 non-negotiable branding tips!

  1. Keep your event name short – 2-3 words only and use your brand belief and brand essence to create it so it will be consistent with everything that you do.
  2. Keep the name of your event abstract enough but concrete to market. This means you must highlight your WHY< WHO < WHAT within the first 10-20 seconds of your website and other marketing materials.
  3. Use your brand personality as a lense to create a finely crafted branded experience. If your personality is funny, BE FUNNY. If it’s spiritual – Do spiritual things.
  4. Align your offerings with how your brand will be perceived. Meaning if your website is thoughtfully designed and it’s a reflection of your value you’ll have no problem getting people to sign up for your offer at the end. On the other hand, if it’s not done well and slapped together, it may be a drawback from keeping those people from seeing and experiencing your true value.
  5. Make sure your brand voice is shining through with everything you do. Use the right content and communication when announcing the event and through marketing it.

To learn how to do this or have me guide you through how to do this for your next coming event shoot me an email at michelle@novusbeknown.com or give me a call at 315 269 7732.