3 Steps for Enticing Current Customers to Keep Buying From You

3 Steps for Enticing Current Customers to Keep Buying From You

3 Steps for Enticing Current Customers to Keep Buying From You is a hot topic that spans across a multitude of industries both b2b and b2c. It’s always a very well known fact that it takes longer to acquire a new customer than it is to make the current ones happy!


Improve or reevaluate your customer experience

The main way to entice them to keep buying is through a stellar customer experience!

Brands with stellar customer experience bring in about 5.7 times more money than those without. 

That’s a lot of dough. This is more important than ever because people craving the need to be connected, comforted, supported and cared for. Personalization with your customer experience is key now more than ever!

You might have had a great laid out plan that included fancy touchpoints from beginning to end, however, since the pandemic those ways will need to change.

For example if you’re a dental office – before you might have smiled a lot to comfort your client, how with masks covering your face – how can you create the feeling of ease without a smile? Perhaps you make sure you use your brand keywords more frequently or update your office with type of music, or new office signage that conveys a more gentle tone without a smile.

How will you meet the new needs with personalized customer experience with PPE regulations? As explained in my post – how to market during times of crisis. Your customers’ needs have shifted. Explore what those new needs and behaviors are and recreate your new customer experience graph. Sit your team down and move through the different touchpoints during customers’ experience.


Start a rewards program or customer loyalty program

Rewards programs are an excellent way to bring people back to your business especially now! Think about some of the more prominent companies offering points every time you order and how their programs work.Is there a way to win business over your competitor during these times when people are in dire need of trust and connection? What can you do to be of value not just now but long-term?

You can offer points that turn into a discount or a reward after so many purchases are made. Or ask if they would like to be a part of a special loyalty program based on their revenue spent and To spread word of mouth, even more, you could provide additional discounts throughout the year based on points for referrals or purchases.


Empower and manage your sales team

Statista surveyed consumers on the most critical elements of good customer service. The most important aspect for 39 percent of respondents was knowledgeable customer service representatives.

During the scrabble of the pandemic, most businesses have been living day to day – now’s the time to empower your sales team, equip them with the right messaging about your brand to win business. For example, print cheat sheets and give to the sales team – things to say if this, then say that type of scripts to allow for all team members to be consistent with the message.

Add your unique value prop as a sales pitch when speaking to customers. This will not only allow customers to see you’re put together but it also empowers the team during a time of uncertainty. This will also be of value to your business past the pandemic.