Building a More Circular Economy

Sit down with Michelle Roberts and her guest Kerri Leslie of Verity as she speaks about her experience in a startup business, the recycling industry, and how eco-friendly Verity is doing their part in normalizing sustainable packaging.

Starting a natural deodorant company helped Kerri realize the absence of eco-friendly containers in the market. With data showing only 9% of plastics recycled in recycling facilities, Kerri was determined to turn away from the norms of big brands. Here, Kerri shares how Verity champions packaging away from single-use plastics and toward a more circular economy.


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Verity is led by founder and CEO Kerri Leslie, who has a background in the medical device industry. Verity makes it easy and practical for brands, retailers, and consumers to shift to using sustainable packaging solutions for their products. As Kerri says, “At Verity, we pride ourselves on performance and style.”


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