Creating Change in the Conscious Consumer Era



Join Michelle Roberts and her guest, Lindsey McCoy, talk about building a business around your mission can catapult you to success. Today, Lindsey shares her journey from the nonprofit world to the entrepreneurial world, creating Plaine Products.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

-The first step to shifting from a disposable plastic lifestyle.
-Where our “recyclable” plastics end up and the problems that come with it.
-The value of raising awareness around environmental problems.
-The connection between Education and Entrepreneurship.
-How passion and alignment create a positive company culture.

About Lindsey McCoy:

For ten years, Lindsey Mccoy lived in the Bahamas, working on non-profit environment education. While she loved living there, life was not all rum drinks on the beach. Lindsey witnessed firsthand the consequences of people’s disposable lifestyle with plastic on the beach, in the ocean, and even along the road. But when she heard that there would be more fish than plastic in the sea by 2050, she knew she had to do something.

Lindsey started using less plastic in her life, from carrying reusable grocery bags to skipping straws at restaurants and bars. As she kept finding ways to reduce her use of plastic, she realized that she could help others do the same. Hence, with her sister Allison’s help, Lindsey spent two years creating quality products that did not use disposable plastic containers, and in 2017, Plaine Products was born.

Plaine Products is the culmination of Lindsey’s life experiences. Her late father was a small business entrepreneur throughout his life. Meanwhile, her mother shared her love of the ocean and travel with her and her children. Allison also has small business experience, a design degree, and the natural ability to ensure quality control. Coming from a nonprofit background, Lindsey has made a career out of finding solutions. As a result, the two sisters balance each other, which benefits the company and its customers.

Plaine Products invites you to join their ambassador program, Plaine Promoters. Spread the word and share the love on their social media with the links down below. With your support, they can help reduce the number of single-use plastics globally and create a revolution in packaging.

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