The Intrinsic Value of Feeling Cared For

Sit down with Michelle Roberts and today’s guest, Maryam Sharifzadeh, as we have her share about what it entails to be a B-Corp business, how she built a business out of her passion for yoga, what it takes for people to genuinely connect with a business and more. As a founder who focuses on ensuring an excellent impact to the community, a conscious outlook on their contribution to the environment, and a people-friendly work culture and service format, for Maryam, it will take all the honesty for a leader to succeed in doing the meaningful things. For Maryam, through honesty in business, a purpose is embedded.


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About Maryam Sharifzadeh:


Maryam doesn’t consider being the only second person in history to swim around San Francisco Bay her biggest accomplishment. Nor was swimming across Lake Tahoe the biggest, nor being nominated Top 22 Conscious Business Leaders by Conscious Company Media. Instead, Maryam’s proudest accomplishment is founding Office Yoga in 2014.


Office Yoga is now the #1 workplace yoga program in the nation; they serve over 300 companies, lead more than 4,500 Office Yoga sessions, and trained over 50 instructors worldwide.


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