Ten Words That Guarantee Customer Loyalty

What do I to make this right? Or even better, what do I have to do to make you feel like this is a win so that you love the work?

Acknowledge the emotion not being met and meet with action.

Sometimes we deliver a service or product that does not reflects our brand excellence. Maybe it’s the brand not being carried out by the right people or processes. Sometimes things just don’t go as planned. Maybe it’s out of your control, your web developers can’t get it right, and you’re faced with the responsibility to then deliver something that is not up to par but feel like you’ve done all you can do.

The worst response you can and will always get from your customer  in this situation is  “I’ll deal with it; it’s okay.” (general lack of enthusiasm)

For someone like me, I crave excellence, because I strive to give my clients excellence this statement is unacceptable. Clients need to love you; they need to love your work. OKAY is not acceptable. People will not talk about the sub-par experience they had with you. You want them to post a picture on FB and RAVE about your amazing service!

I’ve said over and over again to my clients if something like this happens, what can I do to make this right? (subtle hint it’s not about the money, it’s about taking care of your clients.) It’s about really taking care of them. What emotions do they need to be met?

This week it seems I’ve been on the other side of that fence of paying for services that are sub-par that I’m not thrilled about or even painstakingly frustrating. Even after I’ve expressed my frustration, nothing was done.

How are your actions aligning with your values? Do you know what emotions need to be met when your customers are unhappy?