The smallest piece of advertising that you’re underutilizing in your business

In a room of over 100 business owners voting on the best business design card, this business card won! Not only did my client win but she also felt a sense of pride when being noticed! Here’s why her card won.

It stood out! I carefully crafted the brand identity and business card in a way that represented her and her brand correctly. It was thoughtfully designed and had an extra bit of magic. When designing this card for my wonderful client she understood the impact it would have on her success!

Why I love business cards.  They are selling tools. They are the smallest piece of real estate that goes underutilized with almost any business. They are more than a piece of paper that tells someone what you do, the card should add value, stand out, tell a story and make the best impression. Give people something to remember you by!

Why should you love business cards too?
As a designer, outsourced CMO and brand strategist I’ve always looked at business cards differently. Instead of a card, I think of each card as it’s own individual piece of art, an opportunity to add value to your prospective clients and customers lives.

Exhibit A 

Living the brand through business cards

A former client named Tribe Wellness is a nutrition and wellness coach for families. Individually and collectively the cards add value. They have recipes, mantras, and quotes on the back of the cards, something every Mom wants to keep maybe even put up inside her home on the refrigerator. This business is living their brand through their business cards by acting out the behavior of being an important resource for parents and families.

Exhibit B

Edge-GTS  –  A former client

When creativity meets brand

Edge are a team of engineers working in the field so what better way to create a card than to add an actual engineering ruler that they can use! These rulers are no ordinary rulers. The brand essence is all about equipping leaders with the proper tools. Not only is this a creative solution but it aligns with their brand promise to keep educating and equipping leaders with the proper tools. This one just happens to be right in their hands at all times.


Exhibit C 

Interacting with the brand through the business card

WEU or Women Entrepreneurs United was a group I started with a former colleague years ago. The group met to support one another on their entrepreneur journey. It was all about supporting each other. The back of the card asks “who will you support today?” and a space to write someone’s name or add a quote to inspire them.  This small act reinforces that we’re here to help one another grow and leave our mark on the world together.

Here are 6 tips for you to create a business card that stands out and adds value.
1. Think outside the box. What materials can you use that could reinforce your brand? Metal, wood, or plastic.
2. Do a different shape! Square, rounded corners, etc. The more different the better.
3. Go to and take advantage of placing different images on the backs of the cards so that every card has a different look. This works fabulously for photography showing off their work or product based companies that want to highlight their various products!
4. Add a tip/trick on the back that has to do with your industry or line of work.
5. Go deep into what makes your business unique to create something fun out of it. Use your brand message and brand essence to brainstorm ideas that align with your core message like shown in exhibits A, B and C!
6. Use your brand personality. For example, if your brand is compassionate use soft paper. If your brand is innovative, technology-driven, use shiny paper. If your brand is high end, lavish, avant-garde use a gold foil stamp.

So how much does this all cost and why should you spend a little extra on this. A great design can go a long way to help you stand out. Where you’ll see the most return on the investment is through networking or events when you’re passing your card out. A thoughtless design can hold you and your business back. A great business card can help you gain the competitive advantage that will pay off.

Cost: As little as 40 dollars on per order
Take a look at my business cards! printed my cards. I designed them to add value by giving people 5 branding tips. The concept, colors and font styles illustrate my brand personality as well. The illustrations are consistent with my website and other marketing materials. Here is the video.

Another favorite printing vendor is – They are high quality and have very affordable rates. You can also add a UV spot to add an extra shine that stands out on the card. See below for another client example of mine.


Remember every piece of marketing that goes out has the potential to stay in the minds of others more when you’re on brand, consistent and coherent with your message and brand personality. A huge thank you to my clients that I’ve worked with that allow the creativity to ever flow and inspire me and the world around them with what they do!

I’d love to see your card designs and give you any feedback you’d like.