Three non-negotiable web strategies that turn viewers into customers

User experience is an integral part of selling your products or services on your website. Try and put yourself in your customers or website viewers shoes. Ever wonder what their thoughts are? Here they are.

1) During the first 15 to 30 seconds after I arrive on a website, “I need to know that I have arrived at the right place.” 

This is the brand establishment moment—a critical juncture—and the moment when I decide to stay or go. If the brand message—visuals, text, overall look and feel—are right, I recognize that I have, in fact, come to the right place, and I stick around long enough for number 2.

2) After I know where I am, I need to orient myself.

“How do I get around here?” I need to SEE the navigation and to understand how it works. The main navigation should be in a place that I expect it to be—a place I have seen it before. I’m not here to solve a puzzle, I’m here to find out what I’ve come to find out. This means the main navigation should be obvious. It can be large or not so large; if it is in a place I expect, then I will find it and use it. It may also be useful if there are alternate navigation “buckets” or some other nonlinear means of previewing other interior content I might be interested in to help me if I do not organize my mind via a purely analytical system.

3) Now I’ve found what I’m looking for.

Here comes the heart of the contemporary web: CONTENT. (Google also likes this very much by the way.) Now the content comes into play. Does it speak to me? Does it resonate with the words I use and the language I use?

Summary: You have 15-30 seconds so you need to tell your viewer if they have arrived at the right site. Then you need to guide them through the site in a way that is easy and intuitive. Lastly, use the right content to speak to your customer. If they value data and results – use more language centered around data-driven.  If you’re a fitness instructor and your customers are looking for soft friendly words that evoke an empowering feel then use words like a getting you back to being yourself or a better version of yourself.

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