Why a brand process will never work for some organizations

With any planning process whether it’s a strategic plan or a brand strategy, there have to be two inherent qualities present in the leadership of the organization. This leadership can be found in the committee spearheading the initiative to the board of directors. The strategic brand process requires a high level of thinking and is not separate from the business plan or strategic plan. When done correctly they are all in alignment, seamlessly running on the same track straight for success.

During a brand strategy process, there are certain people are chosen to lead the initiatives based on certain attributes and strengths but are ultimately a community effort. No matter what there are two non-negotiable attributes a group must have in order for any strategic process to work.

“A team is not a group of people who work together, it’s a group of people that trust each other” – Simon Sinek.

The first is there needs to be trust. Trust is a “firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.” Trust within the group that they believe in the strengths of others that are leading. If there is a strong leader in the group others would have no hesitation to allow them to head the initiative, to support them and trust in their vision.

The second attribute is confidence. This happens when there is a firm belief in others to make the right decision. Nothing is sadder to see an organization not have confidence in one another or for the strategic brand and business processes.

“When a leader lacks confidence the followers lack commitment” – John Maxwell

I’ve worked with many nonprofits and private organizations over the years and I can tell you this, those that trust in the process and trust in their people stand out and not only live the brand more easily, and become a trusted brand, but create a culture of change. They are more focused and the organization wins!

Here are 3 tips to see if your organization is ready for a strategic brand process

  1. You are ready for a change. Knowing change comes with uncertainty and sometimes exploring new ground.
  2. There is a transparency within our organization that breeds authenticity. There has to be that level of trust, not competition.
  3. You’re not holding on to old ways. You are ready for new, new alignment and new ways of thinking.

Any organization has the potential to align their brand, follow a brand process and be successful. My strategic brand process along with my other’s require trust and confidence in others. How will you know if you’re ready?