Why the brand purpose, “better together” positioning will never be enough.

Why the brand purpose, “better together” or “you plus me” positioning will never be enough.

Frist: What is brand purpose?

A brand purpose is not just a fun slogan your organization uses. It’s an intrinsic motivator that drives values, gives direction, and fuels energy from within. It impacts the lives of your customers, rallies your employees, and the community as a whole. Your brand purpose is your organization’s ultimate cause or belief; it’s the “higher-order” reason that your business exists. Keep in mind that your “why” isn’t to make money nor your organization’s approach. It has to be something even grander and deeper that encompasses what you stand for.

One of the most common overuse and misuses of brand purpose you see in the world of 2B2 and even more in the IT world,  is the “we’re in this together” concept. Here’s why you need to stop using it and instead focus on a deeper and grander idea.

There is a place to use this concept inside your brand and marketing, however leading with this over something more clear is hurting your brand, causing people to try harder to remember you and truly connect to your brand.

1. Everyone’s using this! There is no uniqueness in this concept. This we’re in it together positioning is hugely saturated in the world of business 2 business professional services. Problem: You’re blending in. Just in the first 4 IT companies, I researched and they all position themselves as true partners – better together is why we exist. That’s the approach of your organization, not your why, or your purpose.

2. It’s a given. Nowadays the more transparent and personalize our world edges toward this idea the more we need partners to grow and help our business. It’s already assumed. Why else would they hire you if you didn’t work alongside them as a partner?

3. You’re missing a huge opportunity! By not leading with your brand purpose (bigger than your people, process, or technology!) You’re limiting your sales, revenue, the number of people you can impact! It’s not your approach.

4. It’s incomplete. it’s surface level. Why should your clients care? It’s deeper.

Here are a few things to ask yourself so you can evolve your purpose so it takes for something greater than your approach.

  1. Why do you believe in this approach? what’s at the core? What’s behind the phrase?
  2. Why does it matter to the organization and your clients?
  3. What’s the outcome?

There are answers here if you keep asking yourself, your team, and customers why? Why is it better together? Why is it people plus technology or software? And how you better articulate and communicate this to your customers and potential customers?

Hiring a professional brand strategy expert to help guide you through this process is crucial for a successful outcome. Let me know if you have additional questions! I’d gladly give you my feedback on your current purpose statement and how it would work better for you.