3 easy steps to create customer loyalty

It’s time, I need a new computer. I hate to even say that because it means I’ve finally come to terms with spending the money.

But here’s the thing about buying a new computer for me. It’s an easy decision. I don’t need to look up hundreds of them because I know I’m already getting – a Macbook Pro.

My non-apple fans, might be thinking why? Apple share has gone down and well there are better computers out there. Here’s where brand loyalty sets in, yes, logic says, there is less expensive with the same if not even better functionality, yet my gut reaction is to find the closest store that sells an Apple computer and walk in and buy the darn thing.

Who else is with me? Oh, and without a question asked and walk out a new happy customer. Ya, some might call that crazy – It’s actually called brand loyalty.

For those of you that don’t know me, I’m all about research. I help build marketing plans brands that connect to the hearts and minds of people and I heavily rely on research to do this well.

Not this time. Why? Because I’m loyal for a few reasons. How awesome would it be for you and your business to have loyal customers, that pay a premium price and don’t hesitate to purchase? Or sign on with you over and over again? It’s called intentional brand building – some might call it a reputation.

There’s something else. As I was pondering why I feel this deep loyalty to this brand it stems back to college days. I can still remember walking into the classroom fresh with sleek, made for designers Mac feel. See, Apple has marketed to the artist, designers, creatives since day one. So naturally, I’m connected because I identify as a creative at the heart as an individual, not a business owner. But the business is the purchaser. That connection expands past many brands and was originally planted into our psyche by this revolutionary brand marketing launch by Steve Jobs. Have a watch.

That’s the key, you’re not selling business to business ever. You’re selling human to human. Figuring that out is key to building a brand and a brand that people love and are loyal too.

Here’s are three things you can do to build a loyal brand

  1. Be consistent with the level of services or products you offer. Part of why I always purchase macs is because I have a long history of them lasting for at least 8-9 years without any issues. So, I trust the brand and know what I’m going to get every time. True value is given with a high price tag.
  2. Go human. Stop trying to sell on functions, features, and benefits and start to understand the emotion behind what you’re actually selling, and how are people, not businesses identifying with that emotion.
  3. Stand for something more than a cool app or service. Stand for a cause, movement or belief so people feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves. And I don’t mean “a good professional service” or “hey, we care” no, think bigger!

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