The opportunity:

Rittenhouse Fine Art Show consists of a board of artists that host the longest running American fine art show in the U.S. They approached Novus to see how they could differentiate themselves from an emerging competitor. They asked, “How do we set ourselves apart? How can we get people to understand who and what we really are?”


Brand Strategy + Brand Messaging

Marketing Strategy


  • 30% Increase in awareness
  • 50% boost in team morale

“After our branding we were better able to talk about who we were, which gave us the confidence to approach our competitor and have a conversation around our offerings. Our team morale boosted 50% after we branded. At our event, we were able to get things done quicker, decisions were made faster, and our leadership team worked harder which resulted in an overall more successfully run show.”

S. Oliver, Executive Director of RHFAS