The Opportunity:

Tracy started her business and has transformed into not only a consultant but a “life catalyst.” Michelle helped Tracy was finding a way to express everything she was doing as an entrepreneur and wanted to do in a clear and consistent way.


Personal Brand Strategy + research

Marketing Strategy

Identity + design


Social Media Banners


  • Clarifying her what, how, and why
  • 50% Increase of awareness in her customer base
  • Leveraging her personal brand to build her business

“I hired Michelle to help me shape my personal brand. She went above and beyond my expectations with her genuine attention to detail, clearly demonstrating her passion and expertise. The foundation of the brand was developed based on our interview and the interviews she had with my business partners and customers. Michelle took the time to explain each step throughout the process and the reason supporting her recommendations. I am thrilled with the end result and believe she captured who I am.”

Tracy Erwin, Life Catalyst