The Opportunity:

When the opportunity arose to rebrand and niche in the winery and brewery industry, Dejabrew seized the opportunity and the formerly known, industry leader, Zenan USA had a new name, new identity, new vision, but same great service, passion, and people.

Our work began with interviews. We dove deep into what they did, who they wanted to serve, how they were different and why they do what they do every day. I worked with the CEO  and had conversations around what do their big goals like look for the business and how will the brand align with those goals.

We aligned the new brand with the vision to propel them forward with the right positioning, messaging, strategy, and identity to make them stand out in a crowded space.

The name Dejabrew and tagline “Be Memorable” evokes their brand personality and character of their brand. It also plays on the idea of helping their customer be memorable, something every brewery and winery owner wants. We know this because we conducted interviews with their current customers.

When great research, creative thinking, and vision come together so does a great brand.


Brand Strategy / Positioning
Company naming & tagline
Brand Identity
Website design & strategy
Catalog design
Photography Direction
Social media marketing & designs
Vendor Relation Management
Marketing Strategy + Plan
Marketing Management
Social Media Strategy + Implementation
Training + Coaching
Sales Strategy + Designed SOP’s
CRM Build + Management
Marketing Advising + Pivoting
Email Marketing + Blogging


  • Repositioning the new brand
  • Clarify organizations unique value
  • Advised & managed project yielding an increase in leads by 200% over the course of 6 months
  • Developed & managed market strategy resulting in increased web traffic of 25%

“I want to send this to show my great appreciation on how Michelle is leading the charge to help grow our business with us from marketing and brand perspective. Her process of developing the new company name and trademark was such an accomplishment for us. We stand out and feel confident about our brand due to these efforts!

The brand name she created is “sticking” in all minds of our customers. She created a “one-stop” shopping experience for us that included our name creation and tagline, website strategy + design, catalog development and social media strategy, plan and execution.”

Jim Yonosko, CEO/President of Dejabrew