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6|9|12 Month Program

The Elevate Program

Optimal Growth Opportunity

Your team has unlimited access to me via telephone and email. Includes project management, some implementation, and oversight of your holistic marketing strategy including brand management and MarCom, monthly analytics reports and proactive analysis, access to my professional vetted rolodex, and more.

Having these challenges?

  • Projects take months instead of days or weeks to implement
  • You’re flying by the seat of your pants and don’t have a formal marketing plan
  • You spend too much time focused on the day-to-day minutiae of your marketing
  • You aren’t sure if your marketing is producing a positive ROI
  • You’re guessing when it comes to the value of your marketing investments
  • Your marketing team is missing at least a few key individuals
  • Hiring and vetting team members has been a challenge, and you’ve had mixed results
  • You’re unable to audit the technical work quality of your suppliers
  • You’re becoming a bottleneck in your marketing processes, slowing things down
  • You know you could do things better, but you’re not sure where to start

These are some of the big challenges that business owners face when it comes to their marketing. Image what you could do if you had someone to plan, manage, and scale your entire marketing strategy for you so can take more time back and spend it on the high-value tasks of your business instead.

If you want to grow your company faster without scaling up the burden of managing it all, then you’re in the right place. You need someone on your team with the right tools, strategies, and systems to speed up and sustain your growth. That’s where I can help you!

How it works

6 month or 9-month advisory program

Everything is taken care of with our hands on approach; the research, design, brand dev, communication strategy, optimization, process and system dev, and campaigns.

With dozens of contractors in my network to refer, you’ll have copywriters, designers, salespeople, developers, and others to help fill the gaps in your operation.

And unlike an agency, the team and resources you build during our relationship are yours to keep. If we stop working together, everything continues to run without a hitch. The built up knowledge of your business doesn’t go away.

Areas of Expertise

The areas of holistic marketing that I can most effectively manage and advise and some implementation on include:

  • Positioning and marketing strategy
  • Brand Development
  • Analytics and data
  • Website design, development, and user experience
  • Content marketing strategy
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing and automation
  • Search engine optimization
  • Art Direction
  • Creative Direction
  • Workshop Facilitation (Brand, Touchpoints, Communication)
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Copywriting and direct marketing
  • Graphic design, video, and photography

Who This Is For

The CMO option is ideal for you if:

  • You’re the CEO or founder of a rapidly-growing organization
  • You would rather build a team than hire a full-service marketing agency to “do it all” for you
  • You’re looking to add additional experience, expertise, and technical proficiency to your team
  • You’re looking to gain back your time and leverage your strengths
  • Your company is between $3 and $30 million in annual revenue
  • A significant portion of your marketing budget is spent online
  • You would rather have the management and oversight of your marketing handled for you

Please note: There is a 6-month commitment

Who Does the Implementation Work?

I will manage and oversee the implementation of all work. Technical implementation work is billed separately and is not included in my fee. You will need to set aside a budget to help implement the strategies we produce.

Implementation work can be performed by myself, your internal staff, current suppliers, or would be sourced, hired, and managed by me. Third-party suppliers enter into a direct business relationship with you and invoice your company directly.

Investment Costs

Starts at $4,000- $5,000 per month. Minimum six-month contract

100% Money-Back Guarantee – If we’re not a good fit, I don’t want your money. If you’re unsatisfied for any reason after the first 30 days, I’ll refund my entire fee in full.



The Start Up

Brand + Marketing decisions made easy

You and your marketing team have unlimited access to me via telephone and email. You can forward emails to me for review and include me on marketing-related calls with your team. Includes monthly KPI reports and analysis, access to my professional network, work quality reviews, and more.

Draw from over a decade of Design, Marketing, Brand, and Communication experience to help you make decisions faster and get better results from your marketing with The Advisor program.

What You Get

You and your entire marketing team get private and unlimited 24/7 access to me via phone and email.

The program includes:

  • Unlimited 1:1 access to me via email and phone.
  • Initial assessment during our kick-off call.
  • Deep-dive advisory calls every other week.
  • Structured assignments with due dates attached.
  • Access to my personal network of vetted marketing specialists.
  • Monthly analytics report, CRM Reporting and KPI dashboard to give you clarity on your data.

How it works

  • Contact me any day or time with questions. I reply within 24 hours
  • Get access to my vast network of digital marketing specialists, copywriters, designers, and developers to help build your team.
  • I’ll help you source marketing suppliers if I don’t have immediate access to someone who fits your implementation needs.
  • Forward emails and include me on supplier calls to ensure you get advice as you need it.
  • Get advice on which marketing tools and software to use for your unique situation.
  • Get help building a detailed budget, allocating it effectively, and planning the necessary resources to get it done.
  • We’ll develop measurable goals to determine what success will look like in the short- and long-term
  • Get feedback on marketing materials and quality assurance on all marketing assets you or your suppliers produce.
  • Get a detailed monthly analytics report, CRM Reporting and KPI dashboard, which we can review together during our calls.

What’s not included in The Advisor plan?

Unlike other available tiers of service, the following is not included in The Advisor plan.

I don’t do project management. You will need to allocate a certain amount of time every week to the management of your marketing. This includes managing timelines, task follow-ups, adherence to budgets, and team accountabilities.

Access to me is restricted to members of your marketing team. In the CMO tier, your entire organization is able to contact me for advice, direction and questions as long as it relates to your marketing.

I don’t provide in-depth training. If you want to learn new skills (i.e. graphic design or website development), you’ll need to learn how to do it independently. I can help by pointing you in the right direction or we can work out a fixed-fee training project, if required.

I don’t do hands-on implementation work. This includes things like software configuration, entire website wireframes, or writing content/communication drafts with this service. I can, however, provide content general outlines, creative input, strategic direction, and feature mockups/wireframes where needed to illustrate a point.

Pricing and Terms

This investment for this tier of service is $2,900/month with a 6-month minimum commitment. All payments are due in advance of the period. I require 14-days notice for cancellation to unwind my involvement and transition any work over to you.

100% Money-Back Guarantee – If we’re not a good fit, I don’t want your money. If you’re unsatisfied for any reason after the first 30 days, I’ll refund my entire fee in full.

What areas of Marketing + Branding do you advise on?

The areas of holistic marketing that I can most effectively manage and advise and some implementation on include:

  • Positioning and marketing strategy
  • Brand Development
  • Analytics and data
  • Website design, development, and user experience
  • Content marketing strategy
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing and automation
  • Search engine optimization
  • Art Direction
  • Creative Direction
  • Workshop Facilitation (Brand, Touchpoints, Communication)
  • Brand Plans and Org Dev
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Copywriting and direct marketing
  • Graphic design, video, and photography


Consulting, Implementing, and or Advising

The Customized Projects

Solutions based problem solving

If ongoing assistance is not what you need, or you’re looking for something that doesn’t fit into the tiers of services above, custom projects may be arranged. Custom engagements are ideal for tackling challenging projects that you or your team simply don’t have the time, interest, or available expertise to complete yourself.

Projects may include things like:

  • Redesigning or improving a complex website
  • Developing a 12-month holistic marketing strategy
  • Building a purpose-driven customer experience
  • Cultivating Purpose through processes and touchpoints within teams
  • Auditing areas of your current Marketing Strategy or Brand
  • Developing your company’s positioning strategy
  • Expanding product lines and brand architecture
  • Brand Strategy workshops for teams
  • Taglines, Naming and Identity Designs
  • And much more…

Whether you’re looking to fix a tricky problem or accomplish an ambitious goal, we’ll find the right solution for you.

*Rates are based on remote projects only. Travel costs are extra.

Website Design

Your website needs to do more than just look nice. It also needs to work for your business by telling your story and helping you achieve your goals.

Your site is an important part of your brand strategy. You need captivating content and compelling images to get noticed online. But your organization deserves a site that accurately reflects your brand marketing and aligns with your business objectives.

As a brand strategy consultant, I’ll do more than address just the basics. Successful website design requires an intentional approach that supports the growth of your organization.

I’ve developed a proven, hands-on process for website design that will lead your ideal customer down a purposeful path. I’ll manage the entire project, from visual design to technical integrations.

Holistic Marketing Strategy

As a marketing consultant, I believe in taking a customized and holistic approach to your strategy.

You’ve no doubt heard the expression, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” When developing a holistic marketing strategy for my clients, we’ll work together to determine how all departments and employees can create unified brand marketing that can grow revenue and sales exponentially — all while laying the foundation for exemplary customer service and a world-class culture.

As part of my brand marketing consulting services, I’ll work with you to identify where the disparities are and how your organization can support both your business identity and your continued growth. I’ll make sure your messaging is clear, compelling, and consistent and that your brand strategy focuses on the big picture.

Customer Journey Mapping

As a fractional CMO and brand expert, I know how important it is for my clients to identify their core values, their voice, and their “why.”

But it’s not enough to just know who you are. You also need to know who your customers are… In order to thrive as a fully branded organization, however, it’s essential that you understand your customer’s behavior and their journey from start to finish.

Customer journey mapping can create a truly seamless brand experience. Through workshops with your leadership team or stakeholders, I’ll guide you through the customer journey map. By combining industry research with my knowledge of your organization, I’ll help you gain vital insight into your target customer and identify the areas that can make your brand and marketing stronger.

Organizational Development: Brand Purpose Integration

Once our collaborations culminate in the defining of your brand purpose, I’ll put my outsourced marketing manager hat on. My goal is to ensure your purpose is consistently incorporated into virtually every aspect of your organization.

Contrary to popular belief, your brand purpose isn’t only a catchy phrase to use on your website. There are a ton of good reasons to integrate your brand purpose into the development of your organization.

Once your operations are aligned around that meaningful purpose, your brand will be in a much stronger position to build customer relationships and to retain incredible talent. Best of all, you’ll be able to expand and sustain your growth while achieving a stand-out company culture — all because you’ve baked your brand strategy right into your organizational structure.

Marketing & Brand Audits

Developing a brand strategy for your business is essential for success. But it’s possible that your current brand strategy — or your lack of one — could be holding you back.

It’s hard to be objective about your own business. As a brand strategist and fractional CMO, I can provide you with a valuable outside perspective on how your business actually measures up.

Marketing and brand audits serve as an important first step in streamlining and strengthening your perception, your leads, and your conversions. I’ll partner with you to provide an in-depth and holistic analysis of your brand, marketing, and communication style. Your final report will contain my expert recommendations and the next steps to take in order for you to achieve your highest aims.

Brand Strategy and Positioning

Working with a brand strategy consultant can allow you to differentiate your organization, improve your brand perception, connect with your customers, and ensure your offerings play a prominent role in how you present your brand to the world.

With brand strategy and positioning, it’s important to work from the inside out. Having a strong internal strategy will provide you with the competitive edge you need for ultimate growth.

As your brand strategy consultant, I’ll work closely with your team to develop your brand’s essence, purpose, and personality in order to stand out in your industry. By honing in on your customer benefits, we’ll build your brand’s position and emotional appeal that will transfer seamlessly into successful marketing campaigns.

Brand Architecture

Whether due to massive growth or various acquisitions and mergers, your organization may have a long list of brands, divisions, and products that all fall under the larger umbrella of your business. If you’ve found that customers are confused by — or are completely unaware of — all you offer, it may be time to examine your brand’s architecture: the structure of brands within your business and the relationships between them.

As your brand strategy consultant, I can help you develop a clear hierarchy and structure for your master brands and sub-brands. With your customized strategy, you’ll be able to solve your company’s unique challenges, gain control over your brand perception, and more effectively cross-promote your offerings while eliminating unpredictability and discord.

Brand Strategy Workshops

Do you have a clear understanding of your organization’s purpose? What about where you fit into the marketplace or how you differentiate yourself from the competition? If you haven’t established this foundation of your brand, your marketing, sales, and communications will suffer.

Once you’ve acknowledged this lack of internal clarity, it’s time to take action. As your brand strategy consultant, I’ll run a half-day or full-day workshop designed to develop stakeholder consensus on every element of your brand’s position — including brand essence, brand purpose, and even brand personality and archetype. As part of my customized brand strategy workshops, I’ll provide you with all the tools, templates, and knowledge you need to explore your “why,” along with brand benefits, customer insights, and competitive approaches.

Taglines & Naming

Your brand name and tagline have to be unique, succinct, memorable, and completely aligned with all other aspects of your brand positioning.

That’s no small feat — and if you aren’t careful, you might choose a name that doesn’t resonate with consumers or a tagline that doesn’t hold meaning for your brand. You’ll want to work with a brand strategy consultant to make sure you get it right the first time.

As your brand strategy expert, I’ll walk you through the process of developing your company’s name and tagline. Once your brand positioning has been established, the pieces will fall into place during our sessions.

Visual Brand Identity

Before developing a brand strategy, you might think your identity and perception will come down to what you say. But it’s about more than words; what you communicate through images matters just as much.

A visual identity refers to how you use images, graphics, and other visual elements to express what your brand is all about. Your brand visual identity needs to differentiate your company, support your brand positioning, and make a powerful impression on your audience.

After developing your brand foundation, I’ll use my brand marketing and design knowledge to develop your brand’s visual identity. This includes logo design, font pairings, color palettes, illustrations, and photography style, as well as all of the files you need for marketing success.

Email Marketing

Executing your brand strategy involves a lot of moving parts. To engage with your prospective and current customers, you’ll have to optimize your email marketing in a way that truly resonates and targets the right audience.

All it takes is a brief glance at your own inbox to see just how many email blasts aren’t hitting the mark. But every unopened or deleted email represents a missed opportunity. You don’t have to your fate in the spam filter.

As your marketing consultant, I’ll provide a strategic plan to build leads and boost engagement through email marketing. Whether you have only two contacts or have a list of 20,000, I can help grow your email subscription lists and create communications that convert.

Social Media Strategy

Social media can be overwhelming, particularly because their trends and algorithms change so rapidly. But your business needs to have an active presence on these platforms to connect with customers, boost brand awareness, and reach new audiences.

Although social media can seem mystifying at first, it can be a priceless tool for growth. As your marketing consultant, I can develop a comprehensive strategy for social media. I’ll take your brand, audience, and objectives into account, as well as the latest social media trends.

Whether you’re looking to increase your visibility on LinkedIn, reach more customers on Facebook, or make new connections on Instagram, I’ll act as your go-to resource for both organic and paid ad strategies.

CRM on-boarding and training

Operational Brand Excellence

Brand Communication Workshop

Sales & Marketing Strategy

Marketing and Sale need to work together in every aspect of your organization.

Content Marketing

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Life Changing Experince

“She helped redefine my core values as a leader. Before working with Michelle my team and I were not always consistent in how we represented ourselves and how we communicated with our patients and referral partners. After going through the strategic brand process and workshops we are much more cohesive with what we want patients, referring doctors and the general public to know about us. Now as a team we are all on the same page and loving our new practice environment. We are building a brand with Michelle’s help that is authentic and honest to our core and vision. “

Dr. Mary Ann Lester
Owner of Perio Health Partners


“Working with Michelle to build our brand foundation enabled us to construct a better focused and cohesive marketing plan. We have seen a measurable increase in our revenues owing to these improvements. Understanding our brand has also made me a better leader as we continually shape the way we speak to our customers and about our business.”

Penelope Pankow
Proprietor of F.Olivers

Clarified Our Brand

“Michelle worked with our team to help us create a new brand strategy, design and web presence. What Michelle designed for us went above and beyond. Working with her was a gift. We now have a clear voice, a beautiful message and a stunning platform to launch our business into the next chapter”

Bob Rosenfeld
CEO of Idea Connection Systems, Inc.


“Working with Michelle on rebranding our company has made us look like the true technology leaders we are.”

Sharon Lechon

“I hired Michelle to help me bring my brand to life. She blew me away with the results of her brand research. In short, she “nailed it”. Having worked at a big agency, I found Novus – Be Known, Inc. to be a personalized boutique-style agency with big agency results! “

Lisa Evans
CEO of Uncharted

Position and Identity

“Michelle offers a fantastic Branding service and she really helped us develop our brand along with a complete brand growth strategy! Michelle has a unique ability to identify what companies can do to be KNOWN!”

Mark Johnson
CEO of Techsnobs, LLC